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EN - Where to buy your hula-hoop ?

First of all, I encourage you, if you can, to support Swiss artisans, as well as local activity. Here is the order of preference: 1) Hulahooop.com by Reni Hardmeier - one of the first hula-hoop artists in Switzerland Her hoops are beautiful, look at them !

Here is the link to her online shop: https://www.hulahooop.com

It is in German but as it is very well done, we manage to get by easily even with a bad level like mine. Reni offers beginner hoops, colored or typed polypro is a very nice choice to find your happiness.

One hoop is around chf 60.- + delivery chf 12.-

Reni also teaches and organizes with Andeli the Swiss hoop dance convention (Get the Ring) which takes place every year at the end of September (and which I warmly recommend to you).

Hoopwerk - https://www.hoopwerk.com/hula-hoops-bags-shop/

Sabine Frener manufactures beginner hula-hoops, polypro on request (from eastern Switzerland). Just write her an email explaining what you want. Sabine makes unique pieces :) Her e-mail: hoopwerk@gmx.ch

Sandra Savary

Sandra has been passionate about hoop dance for several years and in her spare time makes some pretty hula-hoops on demand. Do not hesitate to write her a little e-mail telling that you come from me: : sandra_savary@bluewin.ch

Sandra @Rendez V'Hoop by Didier Bonin

2) For small budgets and those in a hurry, you can order a hoop starting easily here, however no choice of color or size, the quality is quite correct.


The hoop is chf 30.- + delivery chf 6.-

3) Hoopspin - colored polypro hoops (UK)

On https://hoopspin.co.uk/ I recommend polypro hoops, there is a wide choice! However, the hoops come from the United Kingdom, so it takes a minimum of 2 weeks for them to arrive and a delivery cost of minimum chf 20 + any customs fees if you order for more than chf 60.-

4) A site also very useful because it also offers supplies to make your hoop: https://www.hula-hoop-shop.eu/ Please note, delivery costs are minimum 20 euros because the items come from Germany. I hope this article was useful to you!

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