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The size of your hula-hoop depends on the kind of mouvement you want to learn with it :)

- For waist hooping : favor a large and heavy hoop often called "beginner". The taller you are, the more shapes you have, the bigger the hoop should be. I recommend a hoop of minimum 90 cm to start, between 95 and 100 cm is ideal, even 105 cm for the largest. In general, the tube is 20 mm in diameter (do not go below) and can go up to 25mm, the material can be HDPE or PER, avoid PE which is too rigid and not strong enough.

- To learn hoop dance figures ("off body"): you can learn basic figures (like rotating the hoop around your hand, figure eight and many others) with a large hoop but it will be quickly complicated to go further and the heaviness of the object can be discouraging during practice. I advise you then a smaller and lighter hoop made of polypropylene (especially avoid hoops of large area, even if it is a sports store). There is then a lot of choice today in terms of tube diameter, there are mainly 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. It's a story of personal taste. You can start with an intermediate diameter of 18mm which will be very versatile. For the size of the hoop, I recommend you between 80 and 90cm (the same depending on your size). N.B. It will be very difficult to hoop the waist with these hoops because they are very light but not impossible after a few hours of practice!

If you want a hula-hoop that can suit both uses, I recommend a hoop of 85-90 cm in polypro (ideally typed, this adds weight) with a diameter of 18 or 20mm. However, if you still have some difficulty turning a hoop around your waist, it may be a little too light. I hope this article was able to help you choose your new hoop! If there is a subject that I have not covered in this article and you would like to have more information, do not hesitate to send me your ideas and questions by email at gabbynovel@gmail.com

Hope to hoop together very soon!


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